Be Intentional

One of the big secrets (if you can even call it a secret) of long-term success is to be intentional in all that you do. If you are intentional in how you approach things, your chances of success increase by at least 1,000%.

Want to succeed financially? Be intentional in your finances. Make a budget every month to track your income & your spending. Stick to your budget, get out of debt, and live within your means.

Want to get in shape? Be intentional in your fitness. If you have a smartphone, get a fitness app. Track your calorie intake & your exercise. Burn more than you eat.

Want to succeed in your career? Start by being intentional about planning out your daily & weekly tasks. Set monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Have goals for 5, and even 10 years out, and be intentional about what education and career milestones you’ll need to hit along the way to reach those goals.

Make a plan, then work the plan.



Sounds easy, right?

Well, not so much.

The problem that most people run into is that they’ll have an idea, and they will mistake that idea for a plan. Nothing gets written down, You know the general direction you want to go, so you start stumbling that way, going with the flow, hoping that it will all work out.

For others, it’s the grind. When people think of long-term success, they’re looking to the pinnacle. You fix that success in your mind. You want it, and you want it now! But it takes a lot of work to get there. Everyone wants to see the view from that mountaintop, but they don’t want to do all of the hard work it takes to actually get to the top of the mountain.



Some of the obstacles to long-term success play off of each other, which can make it fairly difficult to succeed long-term. Modern society values instant gratification.

You want that car? Go out and get it, just sign on the line! You can always have the car that you want, if you’re just willing to make those monthly payments for the rest of your life. But hey, at least you’ll impress everyone you roll up next to at the stoplight.


Want the latest gadget, but don’t have the money? Buy it on credit! You’ll likely end up paying for it twice, after interest, but at least you can have what you want now, right?


Here’s the thing: In order to truly succeed in life, you have to be weird. You can’t be normal.

Long term success requires:

  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Perseverance
  • Long-term thinking

These qualities are making a comeback, but are still ignored in much of our culture, which can make sticking to your plan even more of a challenge. But the real secret is that a lot of the people looked up to in our society aren’t really succeeding. Sure, that person with the flashy car might have a flashy car, but there’s a better-than-average chance that they have a flashy car payment to go along with it. These days, there are lots of people making lots of money who are living paycheck-to-paycheck because, unlike a generation or two ago, our culture tells us that it’s admirable to live lifestyles that we can’t afford, so we can impress people that we’ll never know.

Go against the grain. Swim against the flow. Make your plan. Work your plan. Stick to the plan.