The Danger Remains

America is such a complacent nation. This is a double-edged sword: in some ways, it is nice to live fat and happy in the freest nation on the planet. On the other hand, so many in America have forgotten what it means to be an American. America is divided: we are divided between those who are proud of America and want to defend her from the coming storm, those who are ashamed of America and believe that she deserves whatever she gets, those trying to take over or destroy America, and those trying to use America for their own purposes.

Unfortunately, those who are proud of America and want to defend and preserve one of the last bastions of freedom and justice left in the world are being overwhelmed by the self-interested and ashamed, who have more power in the nation’s government. Meanwhile, Muslim extremist hate groups are cropping up across the nation even while illegal Mexican immigrants attempt to fulfill the “reconquista” movement to take back the land the United States won in its war on Mexico back in 1848.

The problems that America faces are not undefeatable. America could easily overcome these problems, given that enough of the American people have the will. The greater problem, in the context of the survival of America, is that the ashamed and the power-hungry have no real interest in solving problems; they would rather either put down America, or seek power for themselves even if their quest for power harms America. They put down nationalism as a step on the road to fascism, not realizing that nationalism is what has drawn Americans together for generations. It is nationalism that has made America the greatest symbol of freedom on the planet. It was nationalism that drew Americans together to free the world from the threat of Nazism. Without nationalism and the belief that America is an exceptional nation (also known as “American exceptionalism”), America would not have survived for as long as it has. Without nationalism, there would be no America, and without American nationalism, Europe would have been taken over by the Nazis.

The simple truth is that without nationalism, America will cease to exist. Some (such as Pat Buchanon), say it will take 50 years. Personally, I believe that it will take anywhere from 20-100 years, but regardless, the consensus among those who are truly looking at the big picture of how America is being targetted by enemies from without and within is that the end is approaching.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, America first sent troops to Europe to defeat the Nazis. True, America fought the war on both the European and Pacific fronts simultaneousely, but Nazi Germany was seen as the greater threat. When Al-Qaida brought down the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, America first sent troops to Afghanistan, where Al-Qaida’s main leadership was based. This was the greater threat. But the threat from Islamofascism was not defeated through the Afghanistan front only. Detractors love to point out that “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.” While the truth of this statement is tenuous, at best, it needn’t be debated: that statement is tantamount to saying that “Hitler had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor.”

Politics in America has become a game. Who has power? How can I get power? How can I get my party into power? How can I get my agenda passed? How can I make this work out best for me?

America is fast forgetting one of the wisest admonishments ever given it: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

America will fall if we do not unite. We have stopped teaching our children about the American dream, about American ideals, about American exceptionalism, substituting instead a kind of watered-down hate-America anti-establishmentarian curriculum in a kind of ritualistic mass-suicide, basically telling our enemies, “Do whatever you like. We wouldn’t want to offend you.” On the surface, their philosophy sounds rather noble, but in the end, all it amounts to is a sure way to be overrun.

I have been accused of being a liberal because I’m pro-war. While on the surface this doesn’t make sense, the argument was that, as a conservative, I should be for small government…but by being pro-war, I support having a large military, as well as large intelligence agencies. Well, as I see it, when the choice is between going against some of the principles of the idealistic type of government I’d like to see in America vs. supporting policies that would hasten America’s end, I’m willing to compromise on some of my conservative principles.

Basically, what it gets down to is balance. I believe that for most, if not all domestic policy decisions, the conservative answer is the right one. However, when it comes to national defense, conservatism is an invitation to destruction, especially when facing enemies such as Islamic fascism, an ideology dominant in an area of the globe that we are economically depenant on, and growing in many other areas of the world. Cutting our military and intelligence capabilities in times such as this would be counter-productive: across-the-board conservatism will not serve the nation if we are all dead. In the same way, liberalism will not cut it, either. If we spend too much on our military and intelligence capabilities, we will lose the freedom that makes America great, thus making America yet another dictatorship not worth fighting for.

The problem with arguments that America is becoming a fascist state is that they are quite simply not true. Even with measures such as the Patriot Act, Ameirca is still the freest nation on the planet. The evidence against America being, or even moving toward being a fascist state is overwhelming.

If America were anything close to a fascist state,

  • CNN and at least 60% of American newspapers would be shut down.
  • The Republican party wouldn’t just be in control of the U.S. Congress and the White House…it would be the only party still allowed to exist. All other parties would be illegal.
  • Bill and Hilary Clinton, Dick Duran, Michael Moore, Teddy Kennedy, John Murtha, John Kerry, John Edwards, and Howard Dean, among others, would either be dead, or currently reside in a labor camp on the northern Alaska tundra.
  • Anti-war rallies would regularly be broken up by police, and protestors would executed or shipped to labor camps.
  • Interstate and international travel would be severely restricted, not just screened for safety reasons.
  • Both the northern and southern borders would be closed to all traffic, and anyone trying to cross either border illegally would be shot.

America stands today as the freest, most prosperous nation on the planet. That didn’t just happen – it came about because the people of America moved foward as a body of Americans, not a bunch of disparate multi-cultural groups. The chic saying among sociologists is that America is not a “melting-pot,” it is a “salad bowl,” because we are made up of many different groups of people…and this kind of multi-culturalist separationism is why America and Europe are falling apart today. America’s first national motto was “e pluribus unum”…”out of many, one.” Acculturation is the key. It is common culture that lends to the greatness of a nation, because it is common culture that allows the people of a nation to be united. Without a common culture, we cannot survive: “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

Republican or Democrat, left or right, white, hispanic, asian, black, latino, or native American, we must stand together, united against our enemies. That is our duty as Americans. That duty must come before party politics, political ideology, or cultural pride, because if we do not stand united against our enemies, then there will be no more America to defend.


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