China, aka the sheepskined wolf.

China is not our friend. I say this from a somewhat precarious position, as at least 90% of the people I work with are Chinese immigrants, but I stand steadfast in this view. I have no problem with the people of China…but the government of China is most definitely an entity we should be wary of.

President Hu Jintao is visiting the United States, and has been in the US, in fact, for the past few days. Yet, for some reason, he first visited the White House this morning. Why? Because his first stop was in Seattle, where he met with Bill Gates and the leaders of Starbucks.

On the surface, this seems innocent enough – after all, China has business interests in the US, and it is well known that China wishes to expand those business intersts. Add to that the fact that Seattle is on the way to Washington, and you have…nothing but a pile of excuses.

Diplomatically speaking, the first person President Hu should have been meeting with is President Bush. To do otherwise is to show that China puts its business interests ahead of diplomacy…and I have no doubt that this is true. While China and the US put on diplomatic happy faces and act all chummy, for the past couple of decades, China has been strategically positioning itself to destroy the US economy. And, like a pack of fools, US officials have played right into their collective hand (pun intended).

China is what made the debate over the port deal with DPW so disengenuous – DPW was set to take control of several major East coast ports, but China already controls our West coast ports. While I don’t like the fact that our national deficit has now exceeded 9 trillion dollars, I am even more disturbed by the fact that China holds most of that debt. China is one of the main sources of cheap goods imported by the United States. At the present time, if they chose to, China could cripple the US economy. As they continue to expand their economic interests in the US, they will soon be in a position to devastate our economy outright.

On the surface, there is little to worry about when it comes to China’s economic interests in the US…after all, aren’t we economic partners? A quick study of history, however, tells me that we have much to fear from Red China. For nearly 50 years, the United States was in a Cold War with Russia. America won the Cold War, not through military might, but through economics. Through the arms race, we were able to bury the Soviet Union economically, until they had no choice but to back down. I believe that we are currently in a second Cold War, this time with China, and they are positioning themselves to bring us down economically in one swift stroke.

Is this view alarmist? Quite possibly, but this is how geopolitics works: it is a battle of egos, a battle of nationalism, a battle of economic, military, and terrirorial interests. And even while we move to contain the threat of North Korea and prevent the expansion of the threat from Iran, in order to continue to survive, the United States must deal with the economic threat posed by China. As much press as the situation between China and Taiwan gets, the economic problem is paramount: if China is able to destroy the US economy, no one will be there to defend Taiwan when the Red Army rolls over them.

All of this is reason enough that the US government should be distancing itself from China…and I haven’t even mentioned the civil & human rights issues going on in China.


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