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Elections Over Everything

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

After spending months – years, even – talking about the importance of “comprehensive” immigration reform, and threatening to take executive action in violation of the Constitution, President Obama has chosen to delay his promised executive mandate until after the November elections. This is quite telling, given the Left’s long-standing push to implement amnesty for the millions who have entered our nation illegally over the past few decades.

But for President Obama, for whom everything seems to inevitably devolve to politics, this was a fairly predictable maneuver. It isn’t the first time, after all, that President Obama has delayed policies after spending so much time talking about how vital they are. He has done it with the implementation of various Obamacare mandates more than once, in order to avoid the inevitable political fallout sure to result from his economy-killing policies.

The president received a “grilling” by NBC’s Chuck Todd over the delay (insomuch as the modern definition of a media “grilling” for a Democrat president means Todd asked the question more than once, to allow the president to make his BS answer slightly more believable).

In his response, President Obama said that of course the delay isn’t about election year politics! It’s all about explaining the importance of an executive action to the American people, and all about formulating an executive action that is sustainable. In other words, the propaganda isn’t quite finished yet, and when they do shred the Constitution, they want to do it in a more subtle way that makes it slightly less likely to give Republicans another argument for impeachment.

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If ISIS Were A Golf Ball

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

What does it take to get President Obama’s full, undivided attention?

Recently back in Washington after vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama held a press conference last week, in which he made a rather shocking admission: the White House has no strategy for dealing with ISIS, the militant Islamist group that continues to gain momentum in the Middle East and in various other locations around the globe.

However, it’s not like the White House hasn’t had ample opportunity to develop a strategy. They certainly had the capacity to strategize on how to deliver arms to the rebels in Syria shortly before ISIS popped up…in Syria. It kind of begs the question as to whether ISIS began its rise to power in the Middle East using weapons provided by the United States Government. That could definitely explain why President Obama continues to refer to them as ISIL: he would very much prefer that the media and the American people conveniently forget that the second “S” in ISIS stands for “Syria.”

Before his vacation, President Obama met widespread criticism for his nationwide fundraising tour. Not long after his fundraising tour came to a close, it was announced that he would be vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. While he was on vacation, he made a few public statements about ISIS, the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and a few other issues. But while an effort was made to send Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson, and a few White House aides to Michael Brown’s funeral service, he apparently couldn’t be bothered to meet with his National Security and Military advisers to strategize about the growing terrorist threat posed by ISIS.

Mid-way through his vacation, it was, somewhat mysteriously, announced that the president would be returning to Washington for undisclosed reasons. Later on, it was disclosed that, rather than meeting to develop a strategy to combat ISIS, President Obama had returned to D.C. to attend a bachelor party.

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Time For Real Justice

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

A widespread outbreak of insanity seems to have gripped Ferguson, MO, with no sign of letting up. While authorities desperately grapple for control of the situation, violence and looting continue nightly. The New Black Panthers are on the scene, working to incite even more violence, and keep things stirred up. On Saturday night, the first night of an officially imposed curfew in Ferguson, the violence not only continued, but escalated, with reports of police retreating under fire from rioters. The ongoing looting has devastated small businesses throughout the town.

But as evidence continues to emerge about the shooting of Michael Brown, it’s looking more and more as though the shooting may have been justified after all. Authorities released security camera footage that allegedly shows Michael Brown pushing around a store owner, as he and his friend steal a box of cigars – his friend who, by the way, has given multiple press interviews accusing the police officer of murdering Brown. New video has surfaced, and a conversation that occurs off-screen is rather telling, with an apparent witness stating that Michael Brown was initially running away, but then rushed the officer. This is much more in line with the officer’s reported account of events – and there are more witnesses coming forward corroborating the officer’s account of what happened.

The family commissioned its own autopsy of Michael Brown’s body, and the results have been posted far and wide across the Internet by now. Brown was shot at least six times, all from the front. This doesn’t mean anything conclusive, but it does prove wrong all of those who claimed Brown was shot in the back while running away. One more step closer to the truth…

There are also reports that the officer suffered an orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket. This means that, during his altercation with Brown, he was struck in the face hard enough to break the bones around his eye.

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Ferguson and Gun Rights

My latest column is up at Right Wing News.

Here is an excerpt:

While recent events in Ferguson, MO have triggered nationwide discussions about race relations and the militarization of local police forces across America, the riots and looting that have been ongoing in Ferguson have highlighted another issue that should not be ignored amid the turmoil: the importance of private gun ownership in America.


While looters were tearing apart businesses in Ferguson at night, photos emerged of men carrying AR and AK rifles – those scary “assault weapons” the politicians are always prattling on about – to defend their businesses.  One of the most prevalent photos shows men standing outside a gun shop and the tattoo parlor next door…and while those businesses were intact, the Dollar General across the street had been devastated by looters.


It is very reminiscent of the LA riots that followed the Rodney King beating, when Korean business owners were left with no choice but to defend their businesses, as the police had largely abandoned Koreatown.

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Rioting for “Justice”

Based on the news reports that continue to saturate the national media, the town of Ferguson, MO is tearing itself apart.

The unrest is supposedly a reaction from the community to the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer.

If, as has been alleged, the officer shot Michael Brown in cold blood, the officer should be held accountable – removed from the force, and charged criminally for his or her actions.  But one of the main problems is that the riots and protests broke out before the Ferguson Police Department really even had a chance to investigate the incident.  There seems to be an assumption in the Ferguson community – justified or not – that justice will not be done.

BvFZ9xgIIAAgCZWBut the big question her is whether a community’s assumptions about injustice somehow rationalize riots and looting.  Hopefully, we can universally agree that the answer is “no.”  Even if, as some of the protesters allege, the violence is a reaction to a history of injustice at the hands of local law enforcement in that community, it is no excuse to steal from local businesses or to throw rocks or Molotov cocktails at police.  Those actions don’t bring justice; instead, they justify violent defensive actions from law enforcement, making an already bad situation even worse.

We have seen too many times in our nation the condemnation of individuals and groups when too many facts were still unknown.  After Trayvon Martin was killed, we saw violence grow throughout Florida, and eventually throughout the nation.  People were beaten, and some were even killed “for Trayvon,” as though blood justifies blood.

This kind of thing seems to be happening more and more often in America.  Tawana Brawley accused six white men of raping her.  Protests and violence ensued; it turned out to be a lie.  An African-American exotic dancer accused the lacrosse team at Duke University of raping her.  More protests ensued, reputations were ruined, but it was another lie.  Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, and protests initially broke out over delays in the official investigation.  But as time went on, there was a general assumption both by the protesters and the media that Zimmerman was guilty of murder…and yet, as more and more facts came out in the case, it turned out that George Zimmerman’s accounting of events matched the evidence far more accurately than any other account being perpetuated in the media, and eventually, Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges that had been filed largely due to public pressure brought on by the protests.

And now, it is happening again.  Unlike in the Trayvon Martin case, people didn’t wait for delays in the investigation, or for any official information in the case, for that matter.  With no knowledge about the officer involved, and scant information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, it was assumed that a racist law enforcement officer gunned down Michael Brown in cold blood.

But as details emerge about what actually happened that day, the truth, once again, tells a different tale.

As it turns out, the officer was responding to a robbery call that had come in nearby.  Michael Brown is now a suspect in that robbery, along with one other young man, Dorian Johnson, who was also alleged to have been involved in the robbery, and who has been speaking out to the media about what he supposedly witnessed that day – but not mentioning anything about a robbery, of course.  Police have released stills from surveillance footage that allegedly shows Michael Brown pushing around the clerk at the convenience store that was robbed.  Still, not all of the facts are in, but this definitely changes some of the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death.



Not that this matters to many of the protesters.  While it is true that a good number of the daytime protesters are concerned citizens who want answers, the New Black Panthers have also come in force, looking to stir up trouble.  Reports have indicated that many of the people doing the rioting and looting have been coming in from outside Ferguson.  Either way, they aren’t doing much good for their cause.

President Obama, yet again, hasn’t done much to help either.  Scattered among his rather lukewarm comments in a statement he gave on the issue, the president accused Ferguson police of attacking peaceful protesters who were just exercising their First Amendment rights – though there is no real evidence that such a thing ever occurred.  But, of course, at this point in Obama’s presidency, we should just be thankful that he didn’t accuse law enforcement of “acting stupidly” again.

And, of course, Attorney General Eric Holder is getting involved, sending the same team to Ferguson that managed to make things worse during the Trayvon Martin situation…so we have that to look forward to.

The ISIS Threat

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.


Here is an excerpt:

In December, 2011, President Obama described Iraq as “sovereign, stable, and self-reliant.” Less than three years later, we can see that Iraq’s stability and self-reliance were less than a sure thing.

The swiftness with which ISIS arose is particularly disturbing, particularly given the timeline of events in Syria. The CIA began delivering arms to Syrian rebels in September of 2013, with the Obama administration giving assurances that those weapons would not end up in the hands of Al-Qaida militants. Personally, I think it is no coincidence that not long after that, this radical Al-Qaida offshoot began gaining power and expanding beyond Syria.

In Michael R. Davidson’s recent article, he points out that, throughout the religion’s history, Islam has been spread through violence. It’s typically of the “convert or die” variety, though some ‘lucky’ non-Muslims get to pay the jizya, which basically amounts to Islam’s version of “protection” money. Like mobsters, they force non-Muslims to pay the jizya tax, and if you don’t pay, you could see your business or your home destroyed, and face beatings & even death…and Islamists are notorious for going after entire families, not just individuals.

In the past, the West has had a unifying factor that brought people and nations together to oppose the violent spread of Islam: Christianity. But in today’s post-modern society, Christianity doesn’t unify the free world like it used to. In fact, in the United States’ climate of Political Correctness, Christians are one of the few remaining groups for whom ridicule is still acceptable. This definitely doesn’t help matters any when it comes to uniting the world under one banner to oppose a group that is with no doubt the face of evil in the modern world.

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Bucking For Impeachment

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

President Obama seems to have firmed up his primary domestic policy goal for 2014: impeachment. While he has spent a lot of time on the campaign trail complaining about John Boehner’s push to sue him for exceeding his authority, he continues his own push to exceed his authority.

The president has spent more time complaining about Republicans in Congress than he has spent actually doing anything productive to fix any of the problems that he’s helped to create. He actually had the audacity to say that Republicans’ failure to pass an emergency bill on the border would be a tacit endorsement of his “executive action”…right after stating that he would veto the emergency bill that Congress was already working on.

It’s also worth noting that President Obama’s previous executive actions have directly contributed to the current humanitarian crisis on our border. This hardly gives one confidence when hearing the president say that he plans to act alone.

While President Obama spends an inordinate amount of time whining about Republicans in Congress, he is hardly the first president to face a divided Congress, and he really should consider himself lucky that he has a Democrat-controlled Senate to cover his ass while he accuses Republicans of doing nothing. After all, Congress has passed over 300 bills – many of them with bipartisan support – only to see them languish in eternal limbo in the Senate, where Harry Reid refuses to allow them to be brought to a vote. And since the media completely ignores this fact, it gives President Obama and other Democrats a great talking point to tout on the campaign trail.

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