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Obama’s Call for Politicization

In response to the school shooting in Oregon, President Obama called for Americans to politicize these tragedies:

In response to President Obama’s call for politicization, I am donating to the NRA.  I urge other freedom-loving Americans to do the same.

Based on media reports, this monster was targeting Christians for execution.  It is the laws and policies of the Democrats that left all of those people defenseless in the face of evil.  I have the natural right to defend myself and my family, and so should every other law-abiding citizen of this nation.  One of my greatest fears is that one day soon, my government will pass a law that makes me a felon if I stand up for my 2nd Amendment rights.  In the state of California, that day gets closer and closer every year, as the Democrat-controlled legislature passes more and more anti-gun laws that restrict my freedoms.

Stand up for your freedoms.  Donate today.

Poor, Pitiful Ahmed

From the beginning, I thought this story about the Irving, Texas kid with the homemade clock sounded weird.  I can understand school teachers and administrators reacting to something that potentially looks like bomb components brought on campus by a student…these days, they HAVE to react, both under zero-tolerance policies, which seem to be everywhere, and just under common sense – if officials fail to react, and something tragic happens, they WILL be held to account.  The police that were called to the school reported that the kid was acting sketchy, and wouldn’t give direct answers to their questions.


Throw in the fact that just days before, on the 14th anniversary of 9/11, there was a bomb scare at a high school in Plano – less than an hours’ drive from Irving – and the assumption that teachers, administrators, and law enforcement officers were targeting this kid over his race or religion become absolutely ridiculous.  We both expect and require teachers and administrators to do what is necessary to keep our kids safe, and under the circumstances, they did exactly the right thing.

If school officials had done nothing, and a week or two from now, Ahmed Muhammed decided ISIS was the shit and chose to attach some explosives to his clock and detonate it at his school, the very same people who are now accusing the teachers, administrators, and cops of overreaction and “Islamophobia” are the ones who would be demanding to know why they didn’t stop him when he brought a fake bomb to school.

I’ve paid close attention to politics plenty long enough for it to make me more than a little cynical, and when I heard that the kid’s dad has basically made it his profession to accuse others of “Islamophobia,” I knew there had to be more to the story.  The dad, by the way, recently made this statement:

“My kid was hurt and was tortured and arrested and mistreated in front of his friends inside of the school,” he said. “That is not America. That is not like us. We love to be in Irving, Texas. We love it and we love our people here.”

Hurt.  Tortured.  Mistreated.  Those are pretty serious accusations.  This man is accusing school teachers and administrators of torturing a 14-year-old kid, with absolutely no evidence.  Frankly, I think the school district should sue the father for leveling these charges, because I can guarantee you that while the kid may have been embarrassed and a little uncomfortable, there was no torture.  Yet another reason why this stinks to high heaven.

And then, I found this (these guys may be running their site on Hillary Clinton’s home-baked email server, as it isn’t that robust, but if you have trouble accessing the site, keep trying, it’s worth it).

You see, the entire basis of the “Islamophobia” charge is that this kid has a passion for electronics and engineering, and as a personal project, he built a clock, which he then took to school with him to show to his engineering teacher.  This narrative gave President Obama his opening to exploit the situation for his own political gain, inviting Ahmed to the White House.

If you haven’t read the story at the link up above, here is a brief summary: the “homemade clock” that Ahmed had in his pencil case wasn’t homemade at all.  To paraphrase President Obama, “Ahmed didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.”

The “homemade clock” was just the guts from an old clock that you can get for about $30 on ebay, taken apart and stuck it inside a pencil case that is essentially a small briefcase…you know, the kind of thing someone would do if they were constructing a briefcase bomb.


So this kid took an old 1970s era clock, made a fake bomb out of it, and school officials are the evil ones for detaining and questioning him over it?

This whole thing is a hoax; the only question is why?  Was the kid just trying to impress his teacher, maybe for a better grade, and things got out of hand?  Did his media attention whore of a father think up the scheme in an attempt to get himself back into the public eye?

We may never know the real truth.

Either way, it is the American people who are harmed the most by this hoax.  Chances are very good that the left-wing media’s narrative that this is just an innocent kid with a love of science & engineering who was unfairly targeted by school officials will prevail – it has been repeated ad nauseum for days now, with the school officials and law enforcement officers being judged and found guilty for their assumed Islamophobia (they are from Texas, after all, and Texans are assumed to be the most vile, racist rednecks anywhere).  Ahmed will visit the White House and meet with President Obama, who will shamelessly use the young man for his own political ends, as he seeks to convince America and the world that all white people are intrinsically racist…even as he seeks to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees here, even though we know that ISIS is using the refugee crisis as a cover to get terrorists into the West, as well as a method to overwhelm Western governments, so they can continue to their genocide of Christians and expand their territory even further.

So what message does this send?  If you see a Muslim acting suspiciously, don’t speak up.  Don’t alert the (racist) authorities.  Just avert your eyes and walk away, because those warning bells are just the racist in you triggering your fear of The Other.

And if you’re right, and people end up being killed, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you weren’t being Islamophobic.

Have We Forgotten

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

I will never forget the morning of September 11, 2001. Waking up that morning, getting ready to go to work, and the world just seemed to stop as we saw the news that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. The horror when we watched the second plane hit; the jarring realization that we were under attack. The subsequent news of the attack on the Pentagon, and that yet another plane had gone down in Pennsylvania.

The world had just changed.

Living in California, nearly 3,000 miles away, these events seemed surreal and far away, yet at the same time shockingly real and close-to-home. It felt like moving through a thick fog, as I tried to figure out how I should react to what I had just seen. Would there be more attacks? Was it safe to go to work?

All through that day, we went through the motions, with the radio or the TV on, paying more attention to the news than to our work, waiting for some glimmer of hope, fearing that we would hear of yet another attack.

In the days and weeks that followed, we came together as a nation, from sea to shining sea. We wept. We prayed.

We solemnly pledged that we would never forget.

Continue reading here.

Crime In A Bottle

2015-09-03 20.46.21

The other day, as I was cleaning up after a particularly difficult session of potty-training with my toddler (yeah, don’t ask), I noticed something rather odd.

The picture above is from the back of a bottle of cleaning solution that was under the bathroom sink – likely purchased at the local Wal-Mart.  This is what caught my eye:

“It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”

A pretty strong statement, no?  So what, exactly, constitutes a violation of federal law, according to Spic and Span? (all emphasis mine)

  1. Spray 6-8 inches from surface.
    5 inches or less?  You’ve just committed a federal crime.  9 inches or more?  Crime.
  2. Until surfaces are thoroughly wet.
    Just kind of wet?  Federal crime.
  3. Do not breathe spray.
    Catch a whif?  Meet Bubba, your new cellmate.
  4. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes.
    9 minutes?  11 minutes?  Such flagrant violations of the law will not be tolerated!
  5. Wipe dry with a clean cloth, sponge, or mop or allow to air dry.
    Don’t use a paper towel, or a cloth, sponge, or mop that might be even a little dirty, or they will find you.
  6. Rinse all surfaces that come in contact with food…Do not use on utensils, glassware and dishes.
    Wait…did you forget to rinse?  Did you have the audacity to use Spic & Span on your glasswear?  Hear that helicopter overhead?  The SWAT team prepping for a no-knock raid?  That’s the feds looking for YOU, you lawless infidel!

There are at least a dozen other ways you could innocently violate federal law, just based on this one product label…and there are hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of products sold in stores across America with the same declaration on their label.

“What’s the big deal,” you’re probably wondering…well, this is yet another example of how totally out-of-control our federal government really is.  Do we really need the federal government dictating to us how we’re allowed to use household cleaning products?

Never forget: Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion.

Allowing the incessant microregulation of every tiny aspect of our lives opens up every American up to massive legal liability.  The very same EPA that regulates cleaning solution is going after a farmer in Wyoming, hitting him with massive fines because he dug a pond on his own property.  The average person falls under the purview of hundreds of regulations each and every day, and every day, thousands of federal regulations are violated by thousands of Americans.  Most of these violations go unnoticed, such as spraying cleaning solution from 5 inches away instead of 6.  But once a person gets noticed, the full weight of the bureaucratic machine comes crashing down on their head, and the average person doesn’t have anywhere near the resources to keep up.

Death = Life, Oppression = Freedom

I will admit that Facebook debates are rarely useful, but they are sometimes enlightening.

I got into a little discussion the other day when a liberal/progressive friend of mine posted an article from The Huffington Post about Planned Parenthood’s sham report “proving” that the Center for Medical Progress had deceptively edited their video footage to make Planned Parenthood look bad.  They left out, of course, that their supposed neutral third-party that audited the videos is also known for doing opposition research for the Democrat Party.

Someone else decided to jump into the conversation, and just rubbed me the wrong way:


Now, maybe I do live in a “myopic bubble,” but I have a hard time how understanding how so many people in a so-called “enlightened” society can consider themselves “pro-choice,” while denying an unborn child any choices at all.

Our society has dictated that sex is all about pleasure, and that people can and should choose to have sex as often as they want – and that if contraceptives fail to prevent pregnancy (the natural consequences of sex), then that lump of flesh growing in the woman’s body (aka the baby) should just be chopped up and vacu-sucked out of the womb – and, in Planned Parenthood’s case, dissected and sold for profit.

There are so many things wrong with an argument that says that one human should have no choices in life – and should be killed – so that another human can choose to escape the natural consequences of their actions.

As a parent of approximately 2.75 children (2 daughters and a son on the way), any time I’m told that I should have no say in whether my children live or die simply because I’m a man, I get a little testy.

No society can call itself civilized where death is considered preferable to poverty, or it’s considered acceptable to kill the mentally or physically handicapped because they don’t fit 100% with our definition of a life that’s worth living…and no society is civilized where babies can be killed simply because they are an inconvenience.

We should be better than this.

Evil In Our Time

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Before I present the normal excerpt, allow me to say a few words about this column:

The release of these videos has brought Planned Parenthood’s unmitigated evil into the limelight.  So far, the leaders of our government have done NOTHING to stop it.  According to Press Secretary Josh Earnest, President Obama still hasn’t watched any of the videos, yet he has pledged to veto any bill defunding Planned Parenthod, and the White House merely continues to regurgitate Planned Parenthood’s lies as their official response to this atrocity.

Personally, I am not only against Planned Parenthood because of the scheme they have cooked up to sell babies’ body parts for profit.  I believe that abortion itself is evil, and its prevalence in our society makes it one of the worst horrors ever visited upon mankind.  The continual efforts to deny the humanity of unborn human children – in defiance of all logic and basic biology – to justify these unjustifiable acts makes it that much worse.

Right now, my wife is pregnant with our third child – a boy.  Today is my younger daughter’s third birthday.  At no point, from finding out that my wife was pregnant the first time, until today, have I ever considered any of my three children to be less than human.  I find the very idea that someone would dehumanize their own child to justify its extermination – often as a matter of convenience – to be inexplicable.


Last weekend, in preparation for writing this column, I watched all of the videos that had been released to that point.  The only thing that prevented me from openly weeping was concern for my daughters – I want to preserve their innocence, and I didn’t want to have to explain to them why I was crying.  Before this, the only times a “video” had this profound an impact on me were when I watched American Sniper and Saving Private Ryan.  When I finished the Planned Parenthood videos, I had to fight the urge to vomit, and as I wrote this column, I had to stop several times and work on something else for a while so that my stomach could settle.

If you are in any way ambivalent on this issue, watch the videos.  If you are concerned about the allegations that the videos are deceptively edited, full versions and transcripts of each video are there, as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most important issue of our time.  Millions of unborn children are slaughtered every year by Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.  It has been the greatest genocide known to man, and it must be stopped.  The media, politicians, and much of the American public have very short attention spans.  With the Senate failing to pass its bill to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m sure that Democrats and abortion advocates are hoping that this issue will just fade away, like so many others have.  We must not let that happen.  Talk about this with your friends and family members.  If they are skeptical, and haven’t seen the videos, show them.  Call your Congressmen and your Senators.  Call them every day, if that’s what it takes to get the point across that this issue is that important.

Here is the excerpt:


Over the past several weeks, The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of videos (with more to come) exposing how Planned Parenthood has developed its abortion mills into a thriving organ harvesting business. The videos show high-ranking muckety-mucks in Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of body parts from aborted babies – haggling over prices, discussing how to circumvent federal laws, and crafting the language so that if word were to get out that they were doing this, they could minimize the damage.

The first video, showed Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, eating lunch while haggling over prices, and discussing what types of organs and body parts organizations tend to be looking for from Planned Parenthood clinics. It gets particularly disturbing when she flippantly mentions that “a lot of people want liver,” and then takes a bite of her salad. I have to admire the people at The Center for Medical Progress – I was about to lose my lunch just watching the discussion.

After the video’s release, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards released her own video in response, in which she told lie after lie after lie in her attempt to discredit CMP. As they do each and every time their official endorsement (and funding) by the U.S. Government are threatened, they trot out the “women’s health” card – if you’re against Planned Parenthood, then you pretty much want women to die. For Planned Parenthood, the problem is thatthey don’t actually perform the services they claim to provide. “Women’s health” is just a smokescreen – one of the main tenants of the abortion industry’s campaign to craft the language surrounding abortion in order to hide the extreme evil that they represent.

Recently, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was criticized by pundits and politicians on both sides of the political aisle after he stated that, with his Iran deal, President Obama “will take Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.” He wasn’t wrong, per se, but these days, invoking Nazis or the Holocaust is frowned upon in political circles, primarily because the meme has been so overused, but also because we tend to bestow Hitler, Nazis, and the Holocaust with its own special status of evil, as though it were unfathomable that anyone in a Western society could possibly do such a thing today.

But if the Nazis were a special kind of evil, Planned Parenthood is their rival for the top spot in the Evil Hall of Fame.

Continue reading here.

Why Cruz Trumps Trump

My latest column is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

EVERYONE has been talking about Donald Trump lately.  It seems that almost the entirety of election coverage has either been about the latest thing that Donald Trump said, or the media asking other candidates to react to the latest thing that Donald Trump said.


But here’s the thing: regardless of how loudly or boldly Donald Trump is advocating for certain conservative issues, he would make a horrible president.  Just the fact that he is such an egotistical hothead makes him a bad pick, but when you look at what the Democrats, particularly President Obama and those in his administration (oftentimes in collusion with Republican leadership in Congress) have done to Constitutional separation of powers, Donald Trump is probably the LAST person we need in the White House.  He likes to throw his weight around, he insists on getting his way…kind of like Barack Obama does when Congress opposes him on certain issues.  Trump doesn’t seem like the kind of person who will act within the law to get things done – if he wants something done, he’ll get it done, and if he has the power of the Presidency behind him, well, the law be damned.  President Obama set the precedent, and we can’t afford to allow that to continue.

The Republican field is comprised of somewhere around one hundred and twenty-seven candidates.  It’s crowded on that stage, but the only real draw for Donald Trump that separates him from the rest of the pack is that he yells loudly and has obnoxious hair.  The press is only obsessed with him because they know that, eventually, he’s going to put his foot in his mouth.  They watch him and talk about him constantly and ask other candidates for their opinion on his remarks for one and only one reason: they know that the Trump train will wreck, and they want to get it on film when it happens.

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